Helicopter tourism in Visakhapatnam – Now take a ride in the sky to Araku Valley

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Helicopter Tourism in Vizag

Visakhapatnam – VUDA is now planning to facilitate travel to Araku Valley via air as part of the helicopter tourism project.

A new spin to the helicopter tourism project is in progress and VUDA may be expanding helicopter rides to Araku Valley from Visakhapatnam. A boost for tourism and a good spin on the helicopter runs and joy rides is what it is. Tourists throng Araku Valley round the year and for many, a joy ride aboard a chopper may be a thrill they want. A trial run is scheduled for the time around Sankranti and the necessary coordinates are already with Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority. At Araku Valley there is a helipad is already near the Industrial Training Institute already.

Not just the extension of joy ride to Araku Valley, VUDA has found modern and practical ways to put the chopper to use. The project will now see, helicopter for ambulance in medical emergencies as well as disaster management and relief services. The search and rescue operations is another area where the helicopter could be put to use. This was especially seen with the rescue operation of six youngsters from Visakhapatnam who got lost while trekking. This was at the Kailasapuram-Simhachalam hill range few days back.

The construction of the helipad at Rushikonda and the innovative spin to the helicopter tourism project bodes well after the decline of response it got from the city denizens. It was the price of the ride at Rs 2,500 for 10 minutes that could have deterred people. But there is hope yet for the project as A zippy ride trough the air to Araku Valley would be very advantageous to tourism as well.

Source – Times of India

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