Visakhapatnam Police Officer allegedly involved in ganja racket

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In a shocking case, an officer of the Prohibition and Excise Department wing in Gajuwaka, Visakhapatnam has been allegedly involved in the ganja racket.

Fingers have been pointed at a DSP Rank officer in the Prohibition and Excise Department for being involved in the illegal ganja trade in the city. He also has a head constable and a constable working with him. The accusations have been from a man accused in the racket who has been identified as  Venkata Ramana alias Chandra. Apprehended on October 29th this man has made shocking revelations. He was first apprehended 2 years back but has been caught again. This time he did not forget to mention that he has been paying a cut to the accused officer of the Prohibition and Excise Department.

What muddles up the case is that the officer has proceeded on sick leave since the matter has come to light. Found to be quite suspicious under the circumstances this officer is found to be at Gajuwaka wing in Visakhapatnam. Ganja trade is the focus of crackdown and no one in Visakhapatnam can escape. Being a lucrative trade, it has trapped many and the present matter just shows the fact. Further information is awaited.

The information was first published by Times of India.

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