8 things to which every Hosteler would relate to

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Many of us have been there. Be it while in college, or while searching for a job, or even while working a job, hostels have played intrinsic roles in many of our lives. A period of life that has numerous memories in store for all, the hostel is something that has some special stereotypes. So here are some famous things to which any hosteler ever would relate to.

#8 The initial ‘homesick’ phase

Probably one of the most challenging phases of one’s hostel life. The initial few weeks can be really tough for someone who left his/her home for the first time. While getting acquainted to the hostel atmosphere consumes some time, the memories of our loved ones back home make it even harder.

#7 Embracing the new found freedom

After getting through the challenging ‘homesick’ phase, hostel life can surprise you with the freedom you MIGHT have on offer. Being all on your own without any restrictions and much dependence is something that anyone would love embracing.

#6 The “Roomie-Love”

Something without which no hostel life is complete. A good roommate is probably the best thing that could happen to anyone who joins a hostel. From sharing food to sharing crap philosophies, these guys have their share in the majority of the things you do here.

#5 The chaotic room

Image result for untidy room in friendsWe know that feel bruh!! Who has the time to keep things arranged in a hectic schedule of work, games, movies, food, chats, and saving the universe? And do we need to say there’s order in disorder in any clumsy hostel room?

#4 Sharing is everything

From a soap to a problem, is there anything that is not shared with your roomies? Your personal belongings lose their authenticity by default when you have a bunch of “nice” roomies. May be this is where the famous quote “Har Friend Zaroori Hota Hai” originated from?

#3 Sneaking in friends secretly

One thing that probably defines success at a hostel is to fool your warden and bring in one of your outside friends into your rooms. The act requires high levels of stealth and disguise in order to be performed successfully and is generally done by professionals. #IYKWIM

#2 The “irreplaceable” Hostel Food

How we dread to see what’s on offer at the hostel mess? In fact, the cooks here are so very talented that they can even turn your favourite dish into your most hated one. By the way, not all hostels are the same huh?

#1 Necessity is the mother of invention

It might be due to the bland mess food or for supplementing your gym diet, many hostelers have no option but to fight it out in the kitchen. It is from here that many of the creative chefs are made by the way. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. 😉

Do let us know what your favourite hostel memories are.

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