Visakhapatnam Port wins Greentech award for the third consecutive time

visakhapatnam port, greentech award

The Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT) has once again won the prestigious 19th Annual Greentech award for the year 2019. The VPT has bagged the honour for the third year in a row for its efforts in reducing pollution and increasing greenery in and around the industry. The Greentech award will be presented to the authorities in New Delhi on 11 July.

Reportedly, the VPT has spent over Rs. 2000 crore towards mechanisation of the storage processes through PPP mode which will reduce pollution from these areas. Also, the VPT has undertaken plantation of a greenbelt near the stack areas in order to minimise pollution. In recent times, a plantation programme was undertaken as many of the earlier planted trees in the green belt were destroyed in the cyclone Hudhud.

Working towards reducing dust pollution, the VPT carries out spraying water on the roads. Mechanical dust oppression systems are at work to keep dust from the coal and iron ore stacks at bay. It must be noted that only recycled, water from the VPT’s water treatment plants are used for the spraying purposes while preserving a majority of its freshwater reserves.

Being a major contributor towards Visakhapatnam’s development, VPT officials expressed that they have resolved to use the latest technologies in keeping pollution at bay.

Earlier this year, the Visakhapatnam Port was awarded the second cleanest port in the country. This came after recognising the VPT’s work towards mechanisation in many key areas and their work towards Swachhta. Also, the Visakhapatnam Port Trust has implemented its water treatment plant with a capacity of treating 10 million litres of water a day. This is then used for most of the industrial activities.

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