Visakhapatnam Port to include container scanner soon

visakhapatnam port, container scanner

Over the years, Visakhapatnam Port recorded a constant increase in trade volumes going through its facility. In 2014, the capacity was 67 million tonnes which has now increased to 127 million tonnes. It is speculated to reach 145 million tonnes in the next two years, as the Port is also developing its mechanization.

In this scenario, the scanning and checking of material going through are quite important. The Union Government will be installing a container scanner, at Visakhapatnam Port, in the compound of Visakha Container Terminal Private Ltd. Though this was delayed for certain reasons, the installation has been scheduled for the end of June 2019. The main goal is the prevention of wrong declaration, concealed smuggling, and provision of better security. Also, it will save a lot of manpower, time and cost as compared to the earlier method of unloading and inspection.

Mr. D.K.Srinivas, Principal Commissioner of Customs, told The Hindu, informed that this will be non-intrusive method without any stopping of vehicles, thus saving a lot of time. It will be mounted on an elevated place equipped with a U shaped arm and high-resolution cameras. The container scanner, linked to the Customs integrated software, will examine the images it generates against the basis of certain risk parameters.

The scanner, supplied through Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), costs Rs.1.5 crore and can check sixty scans per hour. The only aspect pending now is a no objection certificate from the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board post checking that the scanner does not emit radiation beyond permissible limits.

Source: The Hindu

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