Visakhapatnam Police urge citizens to stay indoors amid coronavirus outbreak

Visakhapatnam Police urge citizens to stay indoors amid coronavirus outbreak, Vizag Polce Commssioner

Visakhapatnam City Commissioner of Police, Rajeev Kumar Meena (IPS), has issued an advisory to all the city dwellers to stay indoors in wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In a video message, released by the Visakhapatnam City Police, the officer is seen directing all individuals to stay away from social interactions for the next three weeks. This is crucial so that the virus can be controlled. Further, the Commissioner stated that the city’s police officers will be working vigilantly and charges will be pressed against those found violating the lockdown rules and regulations.

The coronavirus pandemic has reached its second stage in the country. Health experts have suggested that this time period is extremely crucial, for India, in order to contain the virus. Italy and China, two of the worst affected countries, have submitted several individual accounts and media reports. These have suggested that a lockdown is imperative to save lives going forward.

With the Central Government’s latest directive of a nation-wide lockdown, all public transport, educational institutions, and private establishments have been shut temporarily in Andhra Pradesh. Government offices, media outlets, and banks are being run with a skeletal staff. However, all essential commodities are being made available. Officials have directed citizens not to panic-buy, stay indoors and practice social distancing during this critical time. Police scrutiny has been beefed up to ensure that the lockdown is being followed strictly.

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