E-Pass system to facilitate essential goods delivery in Andhra Pradesh

E-Pass system to be issued for Essential Commodity Delivery in AP State

The Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh, Nilam Sawhney (IAS), convened a video conference on Thursday with all Joint Collectors and Agricultural Marketing Department officials, from Vijayawada. Ms Sawhney has ordered the sale of essential goods and vegetables at Rythu Bazaars, be sold at fair prices. An E-pass system will be introduced for the distribution of essential goods. Gas cylinders will be supplied to homes. These can be delivered until 5 pm. Adequate measures for proper storage of necessary food grains and pulses are being taken care of by the State Government.

The Chief Secretary also said that the Andhra Pradesh State Government is taking all possible measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic. Essential needs to be carefully monitored in order to reach the chain from the farmers to the shops. The Principal Secretary, M T Krishna Babu (IAS), said that the proper transport of goods and the pharmacy-related products, coming from the interstate and inter-provincial districts is being ensured. It is critical these reach the areas where there is high public demand. Similarly, manual labour is being allowed at godowns for loading and unloading.

The Special Commissioner, and Director, of the Agricultural Marketing Department, AP, P.S.Pradyumna (IAS), said that the Rythu Bazaars should display a specific price table. Also, as banana cultivation is very high in Anantapur, Kadapa and East Godavari Districts, these can be sent to all the districts and are to be sold at the respective Rythu Bazaars. Similarly, the State Government intends to make other fruits available for sale as well at the Rythu Bazaars.

The Visakhapatnam District Joint Collector, L Shiv Shankar, said that there are 13 Rythu Bazaars in Vishakhapatnam and an additional 25 Rythu Bazaars have been set up in the colleges and schools grounds. APSRTC buses are running, especially for farmers, to transport their vegetables from the villages.

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