Araku Balloon Festival promises an experience of a lifetime

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Hot Air Balloon

The picturesque valleys of Araku, near Visakhapatnam, are all set to play host to the Araku Balloon Festival, bringing together a total of 15 teams participating from 11 countries.

A hot air balloon flying over lush green valleys

What is the Araku Balloon Festival?

A unique extravaganza that is being eagerly awaited by many balloon enthusiasts all over the planet along with a long list of travel journalists who will travel to cover the event. Araku Balloon Festival is an event where the balloon pilots get the opportunity to exhibit what they love doing the most – skimming across the blue with their balloons and create an awe-inspiring spectacle for the thousands below.

Balloon enthusiasts from across the globe will participate in the event.

What makes it special? 

Night Glows

A gamut of events will be hosted so as to enhance the festival’s revelry. While the ‘Paramotoring’ displays will arouse the adrenaline junkies, the ‘Hare & Hound Race’ will exhilarate the spirits of the proficient pilots. The Musical ‘Night Glows’, which will light up the dark skies with dazzling balloons, assures to fill the valley with an all-new vibrancy and leave the spectators awe-struck. There are also some special shaped balloons, like the Kiwi and the Seahorse, which will be gliding above us during the course of this Balloon Festival.

Iwi the Kiwi

The splendid camps and the luxurious tents, which are the first of its kind, are the additional luring feathers in the festival’s cap. 

A major boon to Araku 

Hot air balloon

The fact that the balloon pilots fancy flying over visually appealing locales makes this hill station just the right spot to fly over. This makes Araku balloon festival a potential game changer in transforming the region into a popular destination for adventure & eco-tourism.

So get ready for some adrenaline rush as Araku Balloon Festival, South India’s first of its kind, promises an experience of a lifetime.

When: 14 to 16 November

Where: Araku Valley

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