Visakhapatnam to Get e-waste Disposal Bins


The Greater Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam (GVMC) has arranged for e-waste bins to be placed all round the city. Green Waves Recyclers Association, a city based organisation, has teamed up with GVMC. The e-waste bins will be placed at 50 places around the city, in places where e-wastes are generated more. The e-wastes dumped in the bins will be sent to the Green Waves Recyclers Association in Gajuwaka and be recycled.

E-waste is any kind of electronic equipment that has been discarded – any kind of household appliances, electrical wires, laptops, computers, cell phones, etc that have been discarded come under e-waste. Improper disposal of e-waste is harmful to human health due to it’s effect on the environment. Recycling e-waste leads to conservation of earth’s natural resources.  

Visakhapatnam generates 350 metric tonnes of e-waste according to the Andhra Pradesh Polution Control Board. So this is a much needed step for our city.

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