GVMC & AP Pollution Control Board Work To Decrease Plastic Pollution in Visakhapatnam


To cater to the increasing plastic pollution in Visakhapatnam, GVMC (Greater Vishakhapatnam Municipal Corporation) and APPCB (Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board) have come together. GVMC is said to implement the infamous Plastic Waste Management rules of 2016 which were introduced 6 months ago with the help of APPCB and various NGOs now.

According to the rules, each of the 30,000 traders of plastic including both the retailers and wholesalers will have to register with the GVMC body by paying a minimal fee of Rs.4000 per month or a lump sum of Rs.48, 000 for one year if they wish to work legally. The traders of plastic will have to ensure quality. The registered traders have to buy plastic of permitted thickness i.e. more than 50 microns from registered manufacturers.

Presently there are 5 plastic material manufacturing companies in Vishakhapatnam which are permitted by the APPCB. The APPCB has held a series of meetings with various NGOs, environmentalists and sanitary inspectors to discuss and raise awareness about the new rules among the general public. Currently the requisite tools and certificates are being readied.

Surprisingly enough, GVMC chief medical officer, Dr A Hemanth confirmed that the corporation was still preparing the ground for the implementation of the new management rules and so far not even a single plastic trader has approached the corporation to register.

Story Credit: Times of India

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