An Open Letter from a girl who is new to the City of Destiny


The Yo! Vizag team met a girl who recently shifted to Vizag and asked her about her experiences in the city. The girl unfolded her thoughts and what we encountered was the purest form of innocence and true feelings that we represent to you in the form of an open letter. Here it goes.

“My name is Mrunmai Deshpandey [name changed for privacy purposes] and I am a girl born and brought up in Pune. I recently shifted to Visakhapatnam to set up a business of my own. Being an introvert, I was hesitant to move to a place with a different culture and an alien language but soon I realised that I was wrong. I could hear people talking in Telugu in the flight and the language sounded sweet and interesting.

Visakhapatnam as a city is very beautiful. The beautiful beach and the mighty hills are to die for. The people that I have met so far have been very helpful and sweet. Yes, it took time and a lot of struggle to communicate with local vendors and auto wala’s but it is fun in a way.

I hate to admit this but Vizag is far better than Pune in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. The street food is delicious, hygienic and sold at crazy cheap prices. I connected to the city for some reason and the vibes I get from the local people are very positive. I do miss my place a lot but I don’t wanna leave this city too. You see, it is a dilemma I’m stuck into [giggles].

The coffee shops are so warm and the life here is so laid back. I could just spend an entire afternoon in a cafe working on my laptop and still wouldn’t waste a day. I never had this luxury in my home town. I deny the saying that you don’t find Hindi speaking crowd in South India as I have made many friends who are fluent in Hindi and also in some other North Indian languages.

The best part about the city is its sunrises and sunsets and how painted the city looks at dusk. Yes, the beach is love but I also fall for the hills that surround the city. And yeah, Hill Chapel is my favorite place BDW.

I do miss people around me talking in Marathi but I guess I will have to live with it or I’ll try my hand at Telgu or is it Telugu [smiles with awkwardness]. So, a city with so many amenities and such a warm crowd is definitely something I was looking for. Who knows, I might even settle here in the future? I have my fingers crossed.”

We like the way non-localites think about the city and that just makes us even more proud about the City of Destiny. This open letter is a proof that Vizag has definitely evolved as a better place to live and is very comfortable for whoever visits here. Cheers to that.

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