A Chat With The Talented Sudheer Varma


Behind the lens this time, Yo!Vizag caught up with the talented Director Sudheer Varma when he was in town recently.

About : Foray into film industry
“While I was pursuing my engineering in Bellary, I saw a lot of world cinema through the CDs I would rent from shops, some of them made an impression and inspired me to get into film direction. That was a major turning point in my life. After my engineering I came to Hyderabad and my friends connected me to their contacts in the industry. I got to work with Lakshmikanth Chenna as Assistant Director in 2005 for Angrez and Hyderabad Nawabs, followed by Ninna Nedu Repu and then with Parusharam for Yuvatha and Anjaneyulu. Then I assisted Chinni Krishna for Veedu Theda. In 2012 I started directing Swamy Ra Ra which released in 2013.”
About : Family support
“Parents are never usually happy with children taking such decisions as the success rate is less. Infact, out of 100 Assistant Directors who come into the field only 5 get a chance to become directors, of which one will be successful. No parent is happy with that 1% chance. My parents were not happy initially, but gave in to my focus and stubborn nature.”
About : Swamy Ra Ra Cast
Nikhil had been my friend before Happy days when we along with Chandu and Krishna Chaitanya had started a film and left it mid way. While Happy Days was making him a hero, I was busy as an Assistant Director with other films. The idea of Swamy Ra Ra was growing and for me Nikhil was the only choice, as he was a very good friend, trustworthy person and one who wouldn’t need as much convincing for the story. I met Swathi only through the movie.
About :Movie making
“I like making films where the story doesn’t need extra ingredients to take it forward. In fact, every scene must take the story forward. Keshav, Dochay or Swamy Ra Ra, I’m not genre specific, but more idea based. For all three films, I’ve written the story and directed as well. I write keeping the direction in mind, so it doesn’t change during that time. The bigger aspect lies in finalising the story. ”
About: Dochay, Keshava and future plans
“Dochay got a bad response, which was disappointing, but Keshava has brought in an amazing response. A lot of shooting has been done in Vizag, Kakinada and Narasapuram. While writing the story itself I had these places in mind and since I studied here I knew where the locations would be. We are now planning a film with Sharwanand and is likely to start in August.”

About: In touch with the Vizag city.
“I did my schooling from St. Aloysius till my third grade and have relatives here. Vizag is my second home, and though I stay in Hyderabad, I do keep visiting. I like everything about the city, its beaches, the people and even the traffic when compared to Hyderabad. It’s an amazing city with many places unexplored and if the story suggests a location outside Hyderabad, I’d love to shoot here.”

“I like making films where the story doesn’t need extra ingredients to take it forward.”

Yo!Vizag wishes and good luck in his endeavours.

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