The worrying rise in food adulteration in Visakhapatnam

food adulteration, visakhapatnam
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Be it a cloudy morning, a sunny afternoon, a breezy evening or a romantic night, we have always found a reason to hit a restaurant or an eatery out more often. However, what people don’t realise, is that hidden in the paneer kebabs and butter chicken are toxic servings of amoebiasis and dysentery germs as well. The recent cases of food adulteration and the resulting food poisoning in Visakhapatnam have caused serious concerns among the citizens.

Cases of food poisoning are on the high, and as the recent raids on hotels have indicated, things are not as they should be. In order to cut costs, many hotels are resorting to reusing the oils, serving stale food and even storing vegetables to a stage of decomposition. Then there’s the cleanliness aspect, which leaves more hotels in the grey. Unclean counters, dirty water, and food left uncovered makes for the perfect breeding ground of germs, and the city seems to be thriving in these.

True, Visakhapatnam is a city that loves its variety of food. It is a place where the number of people dining outside has seen a rise. In fact, most are now opting to eat outside food or order in from the growing number of food delivery services. But the question that looms large is how does one check the quality of food and cooking? Should more stringent and regular food quality checks become the norm? Or as our grandparents would advise us, should we eat home cooked food more often? How do we curb the rising food adulteration the city? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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