Cybercrime on the rampage in Visakhapatnam

cybercrime, visakhapatnam
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The concerns around cybersecurity seem to be on the rise in Visakhapatnam as an increasing number of cases on cybercrime keep getting reported by the day. With numerous ATMs in the city not being guarded sufficiently, the miscreants have been taking a full toll of the loosely tied ends. From not having capable security personnel to not being monitored by CCTV cameras, these ATMs are generally the ones that are turning out to be the breeding sites for cyber wrongdoers.

As many as 291 debit cards have been cloned in one week this month in Visakhapatnam. Earlier, it was also informed that an amount of Rs 20 lakhs has been collectively robbed from nearly 40 individuals. Reportedly, most of the victims have fallen prey to the skimmers installed at the Punjab National Bank ATM at MVP Colony and Yes Bank ATM near Varun INOX. The fact that these busy ATMs have been targetted by the miscreants has raised concerns regarding the safety of those located at the interior parts of Visakhapatnam.

Here are some tips to protect yourself from cybercrime

  • Do not disclose ATM card details or passwords to anybody.
  • Avoid sharing debit or credit card details on suspicious sites online.
  • Use the latest antivirus and update operating systems and other software.
  • Avoid ATMs without security personnel. Keep an eye out for hidden cameras and suspicious equipment in the machine.
  • Try using pass-phrases instead of passwords with a combination of special characters and alphanumeric letters in upper and lower cases.
  • Ensure that your phone’s Bluetooth is switched off when not required.
  • Always report a cybercrime immediately to the nearest police station.


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