Swathi Promoters in Vizag launch a special initiative for birds

Children following the initiative by Swathi Promoters in Vizag

Year by year, the summers are turning harsher. With daytime temperatures crossing the 40-degree mark constantly, the agony of the citizens is palpable in the scorching weather. And while the plight has been becoming unbearable for humans, the situation gets all the more difficult and pitiable for the voiceless. Our beloved birds, whom we enjoy watching, are mainly susceptible to the searing conditions of the summers. Also, excessive urbanisation has resulted in chopping down trees and thus reduction of shaded resting options for the birds. Unable to cope up and fly around in the heat, these creatures searching for water and shade is a heart-wrenching sight. With an intention to address this, Swathi Promoters Pvt Ltd, in Vizag, launched an initiative to arrange water for birds.

Involving local citizens in the process for the past four years now, the concerned persons been providing water for birds and encouraging others to do the same as well. In fact, children have also been highly encouraged to take part in the initiative. Swathi Promoters have spread awareness on the need for water for the birds. Each household is asked to place small pots or containers of water in their balconies and terraces. Ideally, these containers should be refilled every morning to ensure that any thirsty bird can come and quench its thirst in the scorching sun.

Having these birds visit the feeder in your balconies is pure bliss and it is our duty to place a bowl of water along with the seeds out for these birds. A clay vessel is a preferred container for this purpose as it not only keeps the water cool for a considerable time but also poses no injury threat to our winged buddies.

“As a nature-loving corporation, we urge all everyone to follow suit and help our feathered friends in Vizag and elsewhere,” said Ramesh Reddy, M.D, Swathi Promoters.

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