5 areas where citizens need to act responsibly for a better Vizag

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Numerous reasons, like the natural beauty of the city, and its laidback attitude, make anyone fall in love with Vizag. While the government and the authorities claim to be playing their part in ensuring the peace and harmony persist in our beautiful city, the citizens too must do their part to help the cause. Here are five areas where Vizag citizens need to be more responsible.

#1 Unruly pedestrians

Many pedestrians can be seen walking on the roads instead of using the allotted footpaths, putting themselves at risk and posing a threat to the moving vehicles. Also to ensure safety, pedestrians should cross the road perpendicularly.

#2 Food wastage

Big fat weddings, and parties, in the city, are also accompanied by large quantities of food being wasted. The hour of the need is to act sensibly and avoid unnecessary food wastage. Also, those hosting parties can also take the responsibility of distributing the leftover food to the hungry and needy people.

The Robin Hood army is a group that can come to a venue and pick up the leftovers to distribute them among the poor and the needy. They can be contacted on their website (www.robinhoodarmy.com).

#3 Haphazard traffic

In the absence of the traffic cops, driving as per logic simply goes out the window. Vehicles start zooming in from any direction. Also, the very dangerous habit of driving with high beam headlights leaves the oncoming drivers momentarily blinded. Disciplined traffic is “the need of the hour”.

#4 Blaring loudspeakers

Festivals are a time to spread the joy and festivities among friends, families, and communities. The blaring loudspeakers hamper life in the otherwise peaceful Vizag. With laws imposed on the decibel levels and timings of the use of loudspeakers, this issue can be resolved.

#5 Cleanliness

The city’s cleanliness had been worthy of praise. But, littering, public urination and non-segregation of domestic waste, into separate wet and dry bins, have been some of the persistent issues. While Vizag bagged the 7th spot in Swachh Survekshan 2018, the recent rankings saw its rank drop to 23! As responsible citizens of Vizag, we should do the needful in ensuring the cleanliness throughout the city.

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