Watch video: Scuba Diving to Vizag’s newly discovered shipwreck

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Scuba diving

The city of Visakhapatnam has always kept the nature and adventure enthusiasts hooked. Be it the pristine beaches, or the lush green hills or even the exuberant vibe enveloped amidst a serene atmosphere, the city has innumerable reasons to make it special to many.

Over the past few years, owing to its natural beauty, Visakhapatnam has been growing from strength to strength in the tourism sector. While the age-old heritage sites and locales continue to keep up the city’s charm, newly introduced adventure activities and initiatives have infused a new flavour into Visakhapatnam’s stride towards greatness. One such activity that has been pushing “Brand Vizag” is that of Scuba diving. A one-of-its-kind activity, Scuba diving certainly promises to thrill everyone who has the privilege to experience it. Taking this to a whole new level is the recently discovered shipwreck in the waters near Mangamaripeta in Visakhapatnam.

Thanks to the city’s scuba diving facility, enthusiasts can now watch this age-old shipwreck from close quarters.

Watch the video below:

A must watch video : Shipwreck discovered in Vizag shot on GoPro

Thanks to the constant efforts of the enthusiasts, a shipwreck has been recently discovered in Vizag. Watch the video to get a closer feel of this new dimension that awaits to be unlocked.

Interested people, both swimmers, and non-swimmers can enjoy this experience from a shallow depth of 7m. Clear view of the beautiful aquatic life and an unparalleled serene underwater feel are the other features that the scuba divers stand to experience.

Scuba Diving in Visakhapatnam

Scuba diving in India has been restricted to popular destinations such as Goa, Pondicherry, and Andaman islands among others. The feasible connectivity and the huge potential can cause Visakhapatnam to emerge as one of the major scuba diving destinations in the country, and possibly the world. Also, an international scuba diving academy is slated to be established in the city with the support of the government.

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