Kathi Mahesh row: Pawan Kalyan asks the cadres to maintain silence

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One controversy that has been making the news for quite some time now is that of the dispute between Kathi Mahesh and the fans of Pawan Kalyan. A row that was sparked off on social media escalated to another level recently when Kathi Mahesh came out in the open and criticized the Janasena chief for not being able to keep his fans under control.

The entire issue hit a new low when eggs were allegedly hurled at Mahesh by a group of unidentified people in Hyderabad a few days ago. As the matter seemed to heat up further with several groups entering the scenario, Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena has asked its cadres to ignore the criticism and maintain calm.

In a statement released by party Vice-President Mahender Reddy, the fans were appealed to remain calm.

In his statement, the Vice-President said, “Even before Janasena party has completed 4 years of its establishment, there are many futile attempts being made to halt its growth. All this is a part and parcel of politics. Currently, there are attempts being made to throw the party and its cadres into disarray. These attempts are a part of a conspiracy to derail the party’s agenda. Our beloved leader, Sri Pawan Kalyan, firmly believes that the Telugu people will protect Janasena Party. Let us believe in him and stay true to the party’s principles.”

The Vice-President also shared an old statement released by Pawan Kalyan where he had appealed to his cadres not to respond to such criticism. In his plea through the media, Pawan Kalyan had asked his fans not to respond to the attempts that were made by certain people to deflect the party’s agenda. He also added that knee-jerk reactions to such criticism would harm the interests of the party. The JSP honcho stated that the party would officially respond when the limits of criticism are breached.

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