Kids from India beat 3000 global entries to win NASA 2018 Calendar Contest

Image source - NASA Tumblr

No mean feat this, Kids from India beat 3000 global entries from 193 countries to win space for their creative art entries in the Calendar Contest by NASA.

Started by NASA in 2016, the calendar contest is for children in the age group of 4-12 years, and thousands of kids from all across the world participate in it. The contest is for art entries to the NASA 2018 Commercial Crew Program Calendar. The latest contest saw 3000 entries pouring in from 193 countries from across the world but two young kids from India won with creativity and imagination. Commendable feat for kids, Kaviya BJ and K Selva Sreejith, who are both just 11 years old. These two are amongst the 12 winning entries to the NASA contest.

Both Kaviya BJ and K Selva Sreejith are students of Shree Vidhya Mandhir, Pushpathur in Palani. This is in Tamil Nadu, India.

The NASA 2018 Commercial Crew Program Calendar had a variety of themes and while Selva’s art explores ‘what would you take from home’, Kaviya’s explores ‘space food’. Take a look at the amazing talent of the little ones from India.

Image source – The Better India

Kaviya has made space for everything from an organic garden that is compatible with a space journey and wins hands down for not depicting packaged foods. Whole some and brilliant.

Image source – The Better India

Selva clearly but creatively shows what she considers absolutely essential on a space sojourn. Objects, dear and remindful of a happy home.

Apart from these, a kid from Kolkata, Uttaran who is just 9 years old has also found space for his art entry in NASA 2018 2018 Commercial Crew Program Calendar. He has depicted his version of a ‘rocket’ themed drawing.

Be it from where they may, the kids from India winning the prestigious and global contest is worthy of supreme appreciation.

Resource – The Better India

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