Sand lorry comes crashing down the Beach Road in Vizag

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While authorities have been stepping up vigil to keep a check on the horrific road accidents in Vizag, a few bizarre occurrences continue to keep the citizens’ safety on the edge. In yet another freak accident in the city, a Sand Lorry came crashing down the Taj Gateway Hotel road and rammed into the parapet wall at the Beach Road near the Novotel junction.

The mishap occurred around 4 am on Thursday when the brakes of the sand lorry malfunctioned, causing the driver to lose control and crash it into the parapet wall at the Beach Road. Fortunately, given that the accident took place during the wee hours of the day, not many people were present in the area, averting a major tragedy. It has also been learned that the driver too, escaped the accident without being injured.

The collision caused the front wheels of the lorry to come off, leaving it in a sorry state. Later, the damaged heavy motor vehicle was taken aside and set alongside the parapet wall.

A similar accident had occurred in Vizag in 2017 when a school bus lost control while coming down the same road to crash into the wall alongside the beach. However, unlike the latest one, the earlier accident took place during the night and ended up with dire results. While an old person was killed on the spot, five others were left with serious injuries.

It may be noted that post the accident in 2017, a roadblock was put in place for a brief period to prevent any similar happenings. However, the latest mishap comes as another glaring reminder of the safety measures that need to be taken in this, otherwise, high-risk zone.

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