RTA officials to crack whip on vehicles with LED headlights in Visakhapatnam

led headlights, visakhapatnam
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In order to regulate the road accidents and ensure road safety, the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) officials in Visakhapatnam are gearing up to impose a strict ban on vehicles with Light Emitting Diode (LED) headlights.

While technology has definitely made our lives easier, it holds its fair share of pitfalls. Of late, the youth of the city have been taking a special interest in customizing their motor vehicles. To improve the driving experience, especially during the nights, the headlights offered by the automobile manufacturers are often replaced by LEDs.

LED-based headlights illuminate the dark roadways, enabling the drivers to see farther as compared their halogen counterparts.  This technical evolution has had benefits for the riders driving after business hours in a low light level situation. However, the illuminating light momentarily blinds the riders coming in the opposite direction. Apart from the LEDs, the glare due to the high beam lights also prove to be a threat to those coming in the opposite direction. In fact, several accidents in Visakhapatnam have been traced to this very reason.

According to the Motor Vehicle Driving Regulation Act, the usage of high beam lights, during the nights, is strictly prohibited, allowing only dipper lights. But there is no much awareness regarding the same. The RTA officials informed that the transport department of Andhra Pradesh had passed strict orders stating that those who violate the act will be fined up to Rs 1000. Reportedly, the officials will also file cases against those who use LED headlights.

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