Transports Department proposes Rs.3000 Crore road safety project.


Transports Department has taken the initiative to mitigate road accidents and casualities. The 3000 crore project will be funded by the World Bank. The move has been discussed with the Chief Minister, World Bank officials etc regarding funds and project details. The project would entail procurement and placement of road signage, trauma care centers and medical centers. The final decision will be taken by the CM.

The proposal comes at a time of grave need. Road accidents and transports casualities are on a rise. As far as 4356 people have died and 15,542 people have been injured in 11,633 accidents in the state so far. The daily statistics are even scarier. 24 people will lose their lives and 80 will get hurt everyday. According to Transports Department, Srikakulam has recorded the highest number of accidents. It is followed by Vizianagaram, Chittoor and Nellore.

A lot of factors contribute to these gruesome figures. The main cause that emerges prima facie is lack of awareness and rash driving. The highways passing through Srikulam and Vizianagaram and in the rest of the state is a grim witness. Too many accidents happen on these and medical care is woefully little. The presence of highway patrol, highway assistance etc are not sufficing.

The road safety project will not be only the purview of Transports Department. Roads and Buildings Department, Police, National Highways Authority of India will also be a part of this project.

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