Water Sports enthusiasts rejoice, Rushikonda & Mangamaripeta facilities coming up!!

water sports

The coming winter is going to be happy time for all the water sports lovers of the city. The AP tourism department is going to set up a various water sports at Rushikonda and Mangamaripeta, these facilities will be put up on a public-private partnership mode. With kayaking and boating going on full swing in the city, water skiing, speed boating, zumbo surfing and scuba diving are yet to commence in the upcoming winter season. Pravin Kumar, the district collector has also waved a green flag to set up safe swimming zones along the various beaches of the city.

It has been reportedly said that, a water sports expert and the director of Live in Adventures, Balaram Naidu said that they want the tourist to take part in the active adventures and sports activities that can be done by themselves without the help of guides or instructors. Zumbo surfing which doesn’t need any training beforehand will also be introduced. Scuba diving, though is seasonal gets a lot of enquiries from the adventure lovers so they are going to offer Professional Association of Diving Instructors (Padi) certified courses for both professional and the amateur divers which will enable them to dive in any sea upto 18 meters and 40 meters.

The necessary safety aspects are being taken care of.  Life jackets are being made mandatory and the local fishermen are being trained to save lives in case of any accident or emergency of drowning. The rescue teams and the first aid will also be kept ready. There will be a speed boat having a capacity of 10 with a certified pilot or driver and a life guard as well. Adding to these adventure sports will be three swimming zones being set up at places which are safe from currents and rocks.

Source: TOI

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