Ranthambore Queen, Tigress Machali Passes Away


World’s oldest tigress, Machali passed away this 18th due to old age. She was declared dead at 9:50 AM. Popularly known as the Queen of Ranthambore, she had been unwell since a few days and had also been refusing food and water. She confined to a small patch on the fringe of the park.


She is known to be the most photographed tigress in wild worldwide. Born in 1997, she inherited her name from her mother, Machli I. More than half of the tigers in Ranthambore and Sariska National Park are her descendents.  


In a viral video, Machali killed a 14 foot long mugger crocodile. After the long fight, Machali ended up losing a couple of canine teeth. She was called as the “Crocodile Killer” after this incident. She was already famous for her strength and hunting skills. It is these skills that had kept her alive.

The majestic tigress will be missed by the entire world. RIP.


*Feature Image Credit: NatGeo

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