5 Rajendra Prasad movies from the yesteryear that are absolute gold

rajendra prasad movies
A still from Aha Naa Pellanta

Rajendra Prasad, fondly known as ‘Natakireeti’ or the ‘King of Comedy’, is widely renowned for his humorous characters in numerous movies. The Nandi awardee, with more than 200 films to his credit, has been etched in the memories of film lovers with his endearing Telugu movies. Here are five of the actor’s movies from the yesteryear you cannot miss.

5 must-watch movies of Rajendra Prasad

1. Aha Na Pellanta

One of the most loved movies in Telugu cinema, Aha Na Pellanta has given us jokes for years! The movie is still relevant in our times, with its sarcastic dialogues between Brahmanandam and Kota Srinivas Rao. Aha Na Pellanta also has super-funny scenes featuring the hero Rajendra Prasad whose comic timing is on point.

2. Rajendrudu Gajendrudu 
The movie follows the bond between Rajendra – the protagonist and his pet elephant which he wins in a lottery. Though he has no means of taking care of it, he decides to keep the elephant. The bond between them is depicted brilliantly with scenes that made us laugh and moved us to tears.
3. Mister Pellam 
The highly nuanced movie takes us through the gender dynamics in a marital relationship. Rajendra Prasad essays the role of a patriarchal husband who learns to accept his wife’s talents and professional success. The film addresses critical issues with light humour and wins our approval.
4. Pelli Pustakam 
Pelli Pustakam had iconic songs like Srirasthu Subhamasthu and Ammakutti that were played for years in every single Telugu wedding. Another superb movie that takes us through how a married couple when faced with a financial crisis overcomes it. The underlying serious plot of the movie is made light and fun to watch, thanks to Rajendra Prasad.
5. Edurinti Mogudu Pakkinti Pellam 
With its memorable scenes between Rajendra Prasad and then child actor Y.S. Aditya, Edurinti Mogudu Pakkinti Pellam stands out as an engaging family drama. The plot that centers around an estranged couple and their child had us guessing all the plot twists right from the beginning.

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