The Rainy Day Workout!

rainy day

Activating those sluggish endorphins with a quick workout can vanquish the weather blues on a rainy day and adequately substitute your regular trip to the gym.

As the chilly winds and monsoons hit the city, the one thought that brings oodles of warmth is a cuppa hot masala chai or steaming hot chocolate and a plate of hot deep fried snacks. On days that it just pours cats and dogs, marching off to the gym or stepping out for a brisk walk do not feel as appealing as curling up with a steaming cup and good book. But then again, activating those sluggish endorphins – the ‘feel good’ hormones, with a quick workout or any energetic activity can vanquish the weather blues, make one feel really good about oneself and adequately substitute your regular trip to the gym. Check out these suggestions to pump up that adrenaline without leaving the comfort of the home.

Spring Clean

Attack a room on each rainy day and have your home sparkling waaaaay before the festive season! Assail those difficult corners and under the bed. Rearrange the furniture. Involve your spouse and kids – make it a fun-filled family activity on a boring weekend. All that bending and stretching will give you a great workout and get the room shipshape. Dusting burns loads of calories. It involves muscles of the upper body and the coordinated arm and shoulder movements engage the abdominal and lower back muscles. In addition, climbing up and down a stool/step ladder further adds to your workout. Similarly washing windows uses arm muscles such as biceps, triceps and deltoids as well as the upper back. And the acrobatics involved in accessing the upper-outer corners helps you rediscover muscles you possibly did into know exist!

Sack the Help

Sweeping is a mild cardiovascular workout. Squatting and walking like a duck to get all those awkward corners with a good old broom actually gives your body a great workout. To tone your hips, thighs, quadriceps and hamstring muscles, sweep often! Ironing clothes is a slow-paced activity that exercises the muscles in the shoulders, biceps, triceps and upper back. 30 minutes of the constant back and forth movement of the iron can turn into a mild aerobic activity, especially with an old-fashioned heavy iron. Doing the dishes gives your body a mild upper body aerobic workout.

Rediscover the Child Within

Playing games with young children or the family pet can actually get exhausting. The running, dodging and chasing are not only a great deal of fun, they burn calories intensely. Games like Basketball (get a good ball and set up a basket in any vacant area like the garage or basement of the building) and Table Tennis which can be played in covered but spacious areas can be a great hit – not only you spend quality time with your family, the workout is beneficial for all involved.

Hit the Stairs

Living in a duplex or building? Then use the stairs to replace your gym. Walk or run up and down about ten floors (or ten times) or more to justify all those scrumptious pakoras you indulged in.


Dancing not only elevates your mood, it burns calories. Dance with your spouse a lively jig or shut out the world and dance like crazy! Close all the doors and windows, put on the stereo and dance, sway and shake like nothing else matters. Experience a great high! Dancing is a great cardio exercise which helps in burning many calories, so you will stretch all the muscles and have a good time.

Get the Gym Home

Squats, push-ups, Yoga, sit-ups, spot-jogging… there are numerous exercises that do not need specialised equipment and still are very effective in burning calories.

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