Sushumna Kriya Yoga, a gift by the Parama Gurus


Sushumna Kriya Yoga, a simplified version of the traditional Kriya Yoga, is considered a gift by the Parama Gurus. It is known to help in controlling anger, cure diseases like psoriasis and help lead a stress free and happy life.

Step One: Yoga mudra

Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Keep your spine and neck in a straight line . Place the  index fingers and thumbs of your hands together, such that the index fingers point outwards and the thumbs are inwards. Interlock the little, ring and middle fingers together. Keep the yoga mudra on your lap.

Step two: Chant Aum

Start chanting aum softly and rhythmically 21 times. You must feel the vibrations of the sound travelling from the navel towards your head.

Step three: Breathe deep and long

Inhale slowly and fully and exhale in the same way. As you breathe in, imagine positivity entering the body. Think of good health, peace, happiness, success and love entering your body. As you breathe out, exhale negativity. Imagine stress, diseases, anger, depression etc leaving your body. Do this 14 times.

Step four: Focus on the third eye

Now gently focus on the point between your eyebrows, also known as the third eye region. Do not apply any sort of pressure on the forehead while doing so, as this might cause a headache. Keep your mind blank and maintain silence.

Note: For kids below 10 years, the minimum time to practice is 7 minutes. For people between 10 to 15 years, the minimum time is 14 minutes. For people aged between 15 to 21, the time is 2 minutes. Above 21 years, the time is 49 minutes.

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