Rahul Gandhi accidentally enters the women’s restroom in Gujurat

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Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is busy touring Gujarat campaigning for the Congress Party. The party’s vice president was present in the Chhota Udaipur district of the state for his ‘Samvad’ event. The event’s agenda was to interact with the district’s youngsters.

While Rahul Gandhi was making the headlines with his witty one-liners on the Modi government, the Wednesday’s incident once again got him in the news for a different reason. After finishing the event, the politician, while on his way out of the town hall, accidentally stepped into the ladies’ toilet. In fact, there was no sign differentiating the women’s restroom from the men’s. However, there was a sign displayed in Gujarati that translated to Ladies’ restroom. Reportedly, Rahul Gandhi entered the wrong toilet as he could not read Gujarati.

The media persons present at the location quickly gathered at the spot and started clicking pictures after hearing about the incident. As per the report in India Today, the people present at the venue burst into laughter as soon as Rahul stepped out of the toilet.

Rahul Gandhi is known for his infamous gaffes. There have been many incidents in the past where the Congress vice president embarrassed himself with some awkward slips of the tongue. He once referred Karnataka’s Indira’s canteen as “Amma Canteen” and became a target for the trolls. While addressing a gathering at NMIMS Mumbai, Rahul Gandhi attached Steve Jobs to Microsoft. He even goofed up big time when he accidentally called the Loksabha Chairman as Speaker Madam.

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