BJP, not YSRCP, will be our main opposition in 2019 elections, says Nara Lokesh

nara lokesh, ys jaganmohan reddy
Nara Lokesh

Andhra Pradesh IT Minister Nara Lokesh, while speaking at the second day of Mahanadu, said that it is the BJP, and not YSRCP, that will be treated as TDP’s main opposition in the upcoming state elections.

“In 2014, the Opposition party stood against us firmly. But, now it lost the courage to fight us directly and is resorting to conspiracies by coming up in different ways in different attires with secret agendas,’ Lokesh was quoted as saying. “The YSRC is in Intensive Care Unit and the BJP is supplying oxygen to the opposition party. Thus, voting for the YSRC is nothing but voting for the BJP,’’ he further added.

The minister went on to say that the BJP is also bringing in actors, caste associations and retired IAS officials, to damage the Chief Minister’s credibility. He claimed that all the opposition parties had joined hands to make false allegations against the state government.

Nara Lokesh also said the BJP is the top ‘enemy of the state’ and obstructed its development.

“Chandrababu Naidu has achieved development in the four years that was not possible in the past 70 years after Independence. Despite all this, the Opposition party is finding fault with the government. Pawan Kalyan says nothing has happened in Uddanam village. The Chief Minister diverted NTR Sujala plant meant for his constituency to Uddanam and set up many other RO plants,” Lokesh said.

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