This new food stall in the city is something you can’t miss

kudumu tiffin
kudumu tiffin

If you are someone who loves tasting food at the bandis (food stalls), this new food stall near Ramatalkies is something you got to go asap! The food stall is called as Naidu Tiffin center and offers you with some steaming hot tasty tiffins. It’s located near Conduira and operates from 6 pm to 11 pm.

The details of the tiffin items

Naidu tiffin center
Naidu Tiffin center

When was the last time you had a kudumu? Now that the monsoon season is here, Naidu’s piping hot kudumu is one of the best things you can have. Kudumu is a steam cooked delicacy that closely resembles idly. You can even call it as idly’s big brother. It melts right away in your mouth as you get busy relishing its taste.

Apart from kudumu, you can also choose from a variety of dosas on offer here. Ranging from the plain dosa to a paneer dosa, Naidu serves many tasty dosas. The crisp Rava Dosa will surely win you over. The special Ghee Dosa will leave you finger-licking. You can even relish their flavourful Palak Dosa. The coconutty and tangy flavoured chutneys just add on to the taste.

To add more to our excitement, these items are offered at very reasonable prices. While the kudumu is priced at 20, the dosas are priced around the 25 rupees range.

Naidu is firm on the fact that he would serve only good quality food to the customers. He also has a curry point opposite to this Tiffin center. His curry point, apart from selling curries, also serves Biryani on Sunday afternoons.

So next time you are near Conduira, make sure you stop by the Naidu Tiffin center and treat yourself to these lovely tiffins.

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