Interesting Facts about Visakhapatnam that every Vizagite will be proud to know.

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Visakhapatnam!! The place, it’s people, the places and in fact everything about it, puts a smile on our face. Not for nothing is Vizag called the City of destiny. What strikes you first is the beauty, the development, the peace but there is so much more. So much goes into giving Vizag the distinction of glory and destiny. The first mover in many fields and unique in so many more, Vizag is lot more than looks. Read on to find out 10 interesting facts that gives Vizag that edge above just beauty.

  1. The first Naval Base of India is Visakhapatnam. Not only that the might of Indian Navy got it’s first domain here, it’s prowess was ably displayed int he 1971 war here. If you have forgotten, watch ‘The Ghazi attack.’
  2. The oldest shipyard of India is located in Vizag. Yes, it is the Hindustan Shipyard which is towards Scindia on the way to Gajuwaka. The first indigenous ship was constructed here.
  3. While harbors at any port city are restricted in number, Visakhapatnam has three harbors. Yes, we have 3. An outer harbor, an inner harbor and a fishing harbor.
  4. The nuclear submarine INS Arihant was constructed right here. It is a mean war machine that is a nightmare for our enemies. Our city’s credit just got multiplied.
  5. One of a kind and a major tourist attraction, we have our much loved Submarine museum. It is first of it’s kind in south east Asia. It’s our pride and a scene stealer on RK Beach.
  6. The lovely light house that every Vizagite identifies with, is one of the oldest and most powerful in the country. It is seeped in history and beauty and a saving beacon for ships far away.
  7. India’s first rare earth minerals extraction plant is located at Atchutapuram of Visakhapatnam district.
  8. The deepest seaport of India lies in mana Vizag. Yes, absolutely right!! Gangavaram Port it is.
  9. One of our biggest claim to fame is Vizag Steel, a ground breaking Navaratna of India. A superior on the industrial map of India, it is constantly doing famously. Vizag, oh you mean Vizag steel… This is one of the many ways how India identifies with Vizag.
  10. A major site for Buddhist history and heritage, Vizag boasts of Bavikonda, one of the oldest Buddhist sites in Asia.



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