Traffic Police: Unsung heroes of Vizag acknowledged and admired.

Policemen booked for violating helmet rules in Vizag
Traffic Police impose fine of pillion riders not wearing helmet

This Independence Day we acknowledge the heroes among us. We look around and find that heroes do not wear capes. Unlike movies, heroes do not dance. They render service. Service that helps the city and it’s people.  Spare a thought for the man in uniform standing on the street. The Traffic Police. A duty that cannot be shirked. Heroes in real life who save lives.

How many times we have got angry on them?

How many times we have blamed them for traffic congesation?

How many times we complain for the heat killing us on our way to work?

Now think. What about the traffic police?

Today at Siripuram, there was checking going on. People were stopped and papers checked. While some would complain of delay others would try to run away. The checks are for a reason. Your safety first.

Yesterday, there were traffic police with breath analyzers to check people coming back and forth on road to Rushikonda. While it must have put some of us on spot, it was for a reason. They are trying not to let you get killed while driving drunk. While these heroes, take the disrepute and curses, they do not stop their work. In Visakhapatnam, Traffic People are rendering very good service. At many points, the traffic is now eased and people are actually wearing Helmets.

Well some are still not but how far can a policeman push you? Let us acknowledge their services today and be happy that they care. Can we ever imagine them not being around? We just cannot. Shake hands with them and support them. Yes, never ever forget to wear a helmet and carry papers.

Listen to what these heroes tell you. Do not drink and drive. It will be your loss and others out of sheer lack of judgement. Spread the word. Pledge the support.

Jai Hind.

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