Man killed in front of his wife in Telangana, honour killing suspected

honour killing, telangana

Love is an emotion which stands independent of caste, religion, colour, and status. It is considered to be magical for it does not happen nor be terminated forcibly. Such strong and pure emotion, sometimes, stands meekly in front of discriminations. If situations are not favourable to the discrimination, honour killing comes into existence. Such a suspected honour killing has come into the limelight in the Nalgonda district of Telangana.

Peramalla Pranay Kumar and Amrutha Varshini, a newly love married couple were in cloud nine as they are expecting a baby in the near future. Pranay, along with his 5 months carrying wife and his mother, visited a hospital for Amrutha’s prenatal checkup. While coming out of the hospital, a stranger attacked Pranay with a machete on his neck leading to his immediate death at the spot.

Pranay and Amrutha were mates since their schooling and had feelings of love on each other for a very long time. With the disapproval from the family of Amrutha, both of them got married at an Arya Samaj in January 2018.

Amrutha has alleged that her father and a relative of hers are responsible for the death of her husband. She said that her family has been torturing her from the time they got to know about the relation and caste has been the major reason for the honor killing.

” My father and my uncle have done this to him. Pranay took care of me and has always been there for me. All that I have now in his memory is the baby I am carrying”, Amrutha said.

Caste feeling, the thought of judging according to one’s hereditary class for which one is not at all responsible, has always been a long-standing problem in our country. Sometimes, the feeling turns out so unrighteous, that it leads to slaughtering lives. Caste reservations in the society are meant for standing out as a helping hand to the needy, but not to distinguish one’s status.

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