6 things that every Computer Science Engineering student is tired of hearing

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Not every Computer Science Engineering student’s life is as breezy as it appears to be. Although it seems like all we do is sit around in AC labs and look pretty, the course is as annoying as any other engineering branch, really.

Just like any other budding engineer in our developing country, the Computer Science Engineering students get asked a lot of varied questions. Here are six questions we’re are very tired of hearing.

#1 So will you hack somebody’s computer for me?

Um, I have a simple answer to that question. How about no? Also, FYI, it’s illegal.

#2 CSE? super easy, right?

Just because you took an MS Office class in your ninth grade doesn’t mean you get to say that the whole of our course is easy, alright? I mean, it actually IS comparatively, but you don’t know the struggle.

#3 My system just crashed. Can you fix it for me?

Have you tried switching it off and then turning it on again? Or probably just hitting your CPU with a cricket bat might also work! You’re welcome.

#4 Designing any apps then?

Out of syllabus. I’m sorry. It’s no longer in our curriculum. I think. I don’t know.

#5 Why do all the coding languages look similar?

Things that appear to be same, never really are. Different coding languages are like salt, sugar, and white paint. They look the same, but the variations are too many.

#6 What next? TCS or Infosys?

What will it take to make every aunty/uncle, my parents, professors, long lost relatives, aliens on Mars that always seem to find me in results reason and even my neighbor’s cat to understand that these software companies are not the only two options we have? Do some more research, please.

PS-The views expressed here are solely of the author and not related to Yo! Vizag

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