5 healthy street food options that you must try in Visakhapatnam

5 healthy street food options that you must try in Visakhapatnam

Street food is often sounded off synonymously with ill-health. However, that need not be the case every time, isn’t it? Don’t agree? Then try these lip-smackingly delicious items and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Here are 5 healthy street food options that you must try in Visakhapatnam.

#1 Vasenapoli

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Made with the goodness of millets, Vasenapoli is as healthy as a pocket-friendly option can get. Layer one with a generous amount of ghee, dip into the peanut/ginger chutneys and get gorging to rejuvenate yourself.

Where: Girijan Bhavan Road, Sector 5, MVP Colony

#2 Kudumu

The big fat cousin of the good old idli, Kudumu is yet another healthy option on our list. Soft, fluffy, and yet quite filling, these steamed urad dal delights are served piping hot with a sprinkling of podi, accompanied with a choice of three delicious spicy chutneys

Where: Kenguva’s Food Point, Seethammadhara

#3 Meal maker chaat

For delectable chaat with a healthy twist, this is the place you’ve got to visit in Visakhapatnam. Check out their spicy dry chaat or indulge in the wet soya chaat wherein soya chunks are added to the traditional steaming hot curry. The curd, when added to the dish, gives it a phenomenal flavour! The stall boasts of more than 23 chaat items. But try making it before 9 PM because they generally run out of their popular delicacies.

Where: Godavari Bajji Mixture, Kirlampudi Layout

#4 Corn and boiled peanuts

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Roasted Corn at RK Beach Road

What better way to call it a day than gobbling over corn cobs by the beach? Found anywhere along the beach road, the corn cobs are roasted on coal and served with a squeeze of lemon juice and spices, to make it tour list of healthy food options in the city. Adding to the fervour are the boiled peanuts (salted or unsalted), which are rich sources of protein.

Where: RK Beach

#5 Jonna Rotte

Loaded with the goodness of jowar, the jonna rotte (jowar roti) at Srilakshmi tiffins in the city is a healthy street food option the comes at a pocket-friendly price. Served with either dal or a curry, a plate of two jowar rotis will leave you craving for more.

Where: Srilakshmi Tiffins, TPT Colony, Seethammadhara

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