Harbour Mobile Crane catches fire at Visakhapatnam Port

Visakhapatnam port, fire accident
Image credits: ETV Andhra Pradesh

A Harbour Mobile Crane (HMC) was completely destroyed, after it went into flames during the early hours of Monday. The mishap took place at East Quay Berth No. 7, in  Visakhapatnam Port. As per the Port official’s preliminary assessment, an electrical short-circuit is suspected to have triggered the fire mishap. Reportedly, the mobile crane is owned by Seapol Port Private Limited, a major cargo handling establishment.

According to sources, the fire broke out in the crane’s engine room, while unloading cargo. The local fire department was immediately alerted, which in turn effectively extinguished the flames. The crane reportedly has been damaged beyond repair. The Port authorities are yet to estimate the total extent of the damage. However, no casualties were reported in the fire accident.

A similar incident took place, two weeks ago, when a fire engulfed another Harbour Mobile Crane, also belonging to the Seapol Private Limited, at the West Quay berth of Visakhapatnam Port. For the common man, this is yet one more example of the importance of complying with safety standards at the workplace.

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