Ali Reza gets eliminated in the seventh week of Bigg Boss Season 3

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3, Ali Reza, elimination
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The seventh week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 has drawn to a close. The Sunday episode witnessed, the former Bigg Boss host Nani’s surprise visit, to the house. Although,  Nani put the contestants in a playful mood, tension had loomed over the house, when the show host, Akkineni Nagarjuna, announced the nomination results. While Rahul Sipligunj was marked safe, on Saturday, Sreemukhi, Ravi Krishna, Mahesh Vitta and Ali Reza stood at the face of elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3, on Sunday.

Interestingly, the show has marked the 50 days milestone, on Sunday. The episode started off with Nagarjuna congratulating the BB housemates regarding this. He appreciated the contestants for putting the best efforts in the game. Later on, a promo was telecasted which summed up the memorable journey of everyone in the Bigg Boss house. The celebrations were stepped up with Nani’s entry. The former BB Host interacted with the housemates and played the theatrical trailer of his upcoming film Gang Leader.

After Nani left the show, the contestants nominated for elimination were called into the “Activity Room”. As the show progressed, Sreemukhi was announced safe. Bringing an end to the drama, Ali Reza was the contestant to be  eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 in the seventh week. His elimination has left the housemates teary-eyed. Especially, it was Shiva Jyoti who couldn’t hold back her tears, while bidding farewell to Ali Reza.

After coming out of the house, Ali met Nagarjuna on the Bigg Boss stage. Following the Bigg Boss tradition, Ali was asked to drop a Bigg Bomb on any one of the housemates. He chose Ravi Krishna and asked the latter to work out every day, in the gym, for an hour.

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