Hair thieves in the country. Is this a Rumour or a reality?

hair thief

We are experiencing all kinds of atrocities in our country right now. Be it because of the chain snatchers or the mobile phone snatchers, a pedestrian’s safety is at stake. Now, another new category has been added to this class of thefts. It’s called as ‘hair theft’. Yes, you read that right. Now, how bizarre is this?

The Story of hair thefts

Ober the past few weeks, the Northern states of our country have seen some abnormal incidents come into light. Many women from Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan have been allegedly attacked by some people whizzing away on bikes. According to these women, they were first flashed by a bright light and then subsequently, got their hair chopped off by these bikers. Many women are struck with fear and are in a state of shock right now. The attackers have been described as men and women, generally wearing bright clothes.

What the locals have to say

While none of the neighboring people have caught any sight of such attackers, the victims are adamant about the fact that they were attacked. Some have described this as the job of tantriks while some believe there’s some gang involved behind all of this. Some prudent people say that this is a case of mass hysteria where many women are getting either scared or carried away by this story. However, the victims are strongly opposing this by saying that it would be foolish on their part to chop off their own hair.

What the police have to say

Ravinder Kumar of Gurgaon Police said that investigations into the case are going on. He said that they haven’t found clues of this as yet and the medical reports of the victims are also pretty normal. Ravinder also said that information from various places is being gathered to arrive at a consensus. He, however, advised people not to believe these rumours until there’s substantial proof to prove them.

One can only hope that these instances just remain as rumours and don’t turn into an ugly reality.


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