Movie of international fame, Pelli Choopulu goes beyond Telugu audience.


Movies in the Telugu genre have been path breakers and critics favorites many a time. Like a breath of fresh air, Pelli Choopulu has relieved audience of the tedium of mainstream cinema. After quite sometime can the distinction of ‘well made’ be given to a movie. Faith is restored that the making, craftsmanship of the director and talent of the actors drive good cinema. Not big names but good acting, a different but realistic portrayal of life drive Pelli Choopulu. It is no wonder that audiences beyond the linguistic are impressed.

Pelli Choopulu bagged two national awards and many more later at SIIMA. The bigger picture here is that the movie strikes a global audience. People want to watch good, wholesome movies. Commercially viable and block buster movies in any genre are a dime a dozen. This movie challenges your sensitivity and appreciation. No wonder it was so well received.

Pelli Choopulu is now going to Melbourne for screening at Indian Film Festival 2017. This is Australia’s biggest celebration of Indian movies. The festival starts today. After the Best Telugu Film and Best Dialogues for National Awards it is not a surprise. Cudos and praises to debutant director, Tharun Bhascker.

A fresh take on youngsters too, the simple and light hearted movie touched a chord with the audience. Hope the reviews and awards that such movies garner inspires movie makers to deliver good cinemas ahead.






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