GVMC takes up the cleaning of Beach Road statues in Visakhapatnam

Statues on Beach Road in Visakhapatnam
Image source: Twitter/GVMC

The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has carried out one more cleansing exercise. The statues, lined up along Beach Road, have been polished up and cleaned. This was updated on GVMC’s official Twitter account on Friday. 

Coincidentally, a similar request was uploaded on Twitter to the GVMC on 4 December. This was replied to by GVMC Commissioner, Srijana Gummalla.

The clean-up is one of the many activities being taken up by the Corporation. About ten days ago, the Beach Road divider was installed with some eye-catching plant medians. While a user pointed out that the plantations were laid only up to the Pandurangapuram Junction, the GVMC Commissioner said that they will soon be extended to a further point.

Additionally, about six days ago, the GVMC Commissioner had also Tweeted on the plans of creating more green spaces. In fact, she has also sought suggestions from the Twitterati, and people of Visakhapatnam at large.

The GVMC also took up the cleaning of the center medians along the National Highway. 

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