GVMC’s ‘9 mantras’ to stay safe in the blazing heat in Visakhapatnam

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The summer has been a challenging one in Visakhapatnam. With the sun blazing away day after day, the mercury has been on the constant, leaving the citizens with no respite whatsoever. With the district already witnessing a few deaths due to the heat wave, the officials have upped the ante in creating awareness among the public. The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has issued ‘9 mantras’ to protect oneself from the blazing heat. Putting up boards across the city, GVMC has been trying to create awareness as to how to stay safe this scorching sun.

The 9 mantras of GVMC to stay safe in the heat:

#1 Stay hydrated

The basic precaution to be taken during the summers is to keep your body hydrated. Heavy perspiration can run the body dry of fluids which makes it imperative to consume water regularly.

#2 Take rest

Taking rest in this blazing weather can help you slow down and find a new pace to work. It will also rejuvenate your energy to cope with the heat.

#3 Use an umbrella. Stay in the shade

Using an umbrella can help pedestrians protect themselves from the sun. Also staying in the shade during the day is important to stay safe in the excessive heat.

#4 Avoid going outdoors when the temperatures are high

Avoid going out in the sun between 10 AM and 4 PM, especially during noon when the heat is at its peaking best. This way, you can reduce the chance of falling prey to a heat stroke.

#5 Take in cold water baths

Apart from lowering your body temperature, a refreshing cool shower at the end of a tiring day can leave your soul totally rejuvenated.

#6 Consume fruits and fluids

Seasonal fruits and fluids can help a great deal in beating the heat in summer. Apart from quenching thirst, they can also aid your body’s nourishment.

#7 Avoid consuming alcohol

Drinking alcohol and hot weather do not go hand in hand. Alcohol can cause dehydration and even leave one exhausted to worsen the trouble this scorching season.

#8 Switch on fans

Keep your surroundings cool by switching on fans and opening the windows. Get the air flowing around you to get rid of the sweat.

#9 Wear light clothes

Wear lightweight clothing that is comfortable, and try to wear light coloured dresses as they won’t absorb heat from the atmosphere. This also helps you in maintaining hygiene in the heat, especially in a humid place like Visakhapatnam.

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