Ram Gopal Varma’s New Web Series Trailer Released

Guns and Thighs - Ram Gopal Varma’s New Web Series Trailer Released

The trailer of Ram Gopal Varma’s web series Guns and Thighs has been released. It explores the dark underbelly of Mumbai pertaining to the underworld. The director chose to bring to light the topic as he wanted to tell a complete story of the Mumbai Mafia in its raw and real form. The trailer starts off by Ram Gopal Varma stating – I always wanted to tell the complete true story of the Mumbai Mafia in its raw and real form. Since for various reasons I couldn’t do that in films, I am going to do it here.

The voiceover in the trailer talks of the disturbing and gripping side of Mumbai during the time Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan’s D-Company monopolised the city of dreams. It shows about the kinds of changes that Mumbai had gone through and the consequences faced when Dawood and Rajan parted ways, swearing to kill each other.

The series is jointly produced by Stormcell Entertainment, a German based company, and Ram Gopal Varma Talkies. It has been narrated from the perception of a mother who lost her son in the gang wars that transpired as a result of the aspiration of ruling over Mumbai. The director casted new actors in the series stating that known actors would be looked upon as performers, whereas unknown faces would be taken as characters.

One will also come across the quotes of Mahatma Gandhi, Socrates, Aristotle, AL Capone, Ayn Rand and others appearing at regular intervals throughout the trailer. At the end we can hear one from Dawood Ibrahim that reads “You cannot fully live your life unless you are ready to risk death.”

The trailer looks dark, gory and disturbing in parts and is not for the faint hearted. The series looks like leaves no aspect of the underworld untouched. One of the characters can be heard saying that only two things work in the city, namely power and sex. Controversial Varma says that underworld has never invested money into Bollywood, unlike what most people believe, and there was never really a ‘nexus’ between them. He even said that the only relationship the underworld and Bollywood had was limited to making calls to scare celebrities or to help out a friend. Underworld investing money into Bollywood is a total misconception and most of the time they have only used it for publicity.

Talking about his comments on social media he said that social media is just noise and to take it seriously is wrong. He said that it’s a democracy and everyone has a right to speak, lending everyone a voice to shout. He even said that someone can choose to either take you seriously or block you.

The release date of the web series has not been decided yet.

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