What if Smt Sia Devi performed Cheap Thrills in an Indian classical concert?

Indian Raga

MIT-founded digital arts education startup IndianRaga is a must watch YouTube channel. They provide online, non-downloadable education courses in performing arts, with instructor assistance. They operate in over 40 global cities to help artists learn, perform and shine. With over 10 Million views in just 2 years on its video library, the IndianRaga Facebook page and YouTube channel are highly popular. Most noteworthy are new-age innovations fusion  music are Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran, Carnatic A Cappella, Desi Cover of Cheap Thrills, EDM Thillana, Irish Malhar and many other videos have captivated the attention of millions of audiences.

Here are few of their amazing fusions. Listen up and let us know what you think!

Cheap Thrills - Desi Style

Shape Of You: Carnatic Mix (Feat. Aditya Rao)

EDM Varnam : Carnatic Classical meets EDM

RagaGames: Pirates of the Caribbean & Game of Thrones

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