Fatal accident in Visakhapatnam claims lives of two children

accident visakhapatnam
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A family witnessed a very unfortunate end to two of its youngest members in an accident in the Visakhapatnam agency area on Sunday evening. The couple and their two children were travelling on a bike, from Paderu to Pedabayalu. They had reached a sharp curve which was difficult to maneuver.

All the members on the bike fell off the vehicle onto the road. An oncoming lorry was too fast to notice the children on the road and therefore avert a disaster. However, the parents escaped narrowly with minor injuries. Unfortunately, the children were run over by the lorry which resulted in their immediate death. The incident took place near Gamparai village.

Reportedly. the dead bodies of the children, identified as T. Mukesh and T. Swapna, were moved to a nearby hospital for a post mortem. An official case has also been registered.

Notably, in recent times, the frequency of fatal road accidents has increased in Visakhapatnam as people still choose to stay ignorant to the safety precautions, like wearing a helmet and avoid riding with more than one passenger making themselves accident prone. As compared to figures registered on 31 March 2018, there has been an alarming increase in accidents in the district by 16% this year (recorded on 31 March 2019).

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