Road accidents register a worrying rise in Visakhapatnam

Two youngsters die in a deadly bike accident in Visakhapatnam
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Road accidents continue to cause major concerns in Visakhapatnam. In a worrying trend, the number of road accidents has registered a rise over the last year in Visakhapatnam.

Reportedly, as compared to the figures registered on 31st March 2018, the district has witnessed the number of accidents go up by 16% by 31st March 2019. While the casualties caused in the accidents have increased by 25.38%, the number of individuals injured has gone up by 29.87%. It may be noted that the majority of the accidents has been registered within the rural areas of Visakhapatnam district. Among those deceased in the accidents this year, 78 individuals lost their lives within the city’s limits while 85 people were killed in the accidents that took place within the limits that extended beyond Visakhapatnam city.

Reports further claim that two-wheelers, lorries, and cars were majorly involved in the road accidents that took place in the district. Those killed on two-wheelers this year account to 56 lives as compared to 39 lives in the previous year.

Despite the authorities conducting awareness drives and adopting several measures to ensure road safety, the graph of road accidents has not seen a declining trend thereby leaving the concerned departments with plenty to ponder.

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