E Governance Conference In Vizag Goes Cashless

e governance

The e Governance conference being organised here at Novotel went totally paperless so as to set the right example. The two-day national conference is being organised by the union and state governments along with Nasscom.

There were conference books published and were given to 1500 delegates from across the country via CD yesterday. Today, 20 awards will be handed out to states, IT companies and NGOs for taking initiative in going digital. In attendance are officials from various states and top executives from Microsoft, Infosys, Cisco, IBM and TCS.

The first day of the conference was attended by Chief Minister Chanrababu Naidu, and Union Ministers M Venkaiah Naidu, Rajendra Singh and YS Chowdary. Rajendra Singh stated that the whole conference has gone paperless in tune with PM Modi’s drive to go cashless and paperless.

The e Governance conference had a proper discussion on topics like IoT (Internet of Things), data analytics, cyber security policy for future and digital connectivity.

Feature Image Credit: nmc corp

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