Thinking About Driving Drunk This New Year’s Eve? Think Again!

drunk driving

Every year during New Year, it has become commonplace for people of the city to drive drunk in lieu of celebrations, especially along the scenic Tenneti Park – Rushikonda beach road stretch. The city traffic police has decided to take stringent action against drunk driving and over-speeding on the night of December 31.

They have announced several restrictions and the police personnel will be in full strength to rein in the drunk drivers on this day. The focus will entirely be on drunk drivers who cause inconvenience to others. Police teams will be deployed with alcometers in several areas of the city. People found to be driving under influence and over-speeding will be fined Rs 2000 or imprisoned for six months under the provisions of the MV Act. Their vehicles and licenses will also be seized.

CCTV cameras have been installed at various city junctions and the police will keep a strict vigil through these. The video and digital cameras will be used to record any inconvenience being caused to public, especially if women are being harassed in the name of greeting them on New Year. There will be a special force focusing solely on bikers to curb removal of silencers, driving erratically, riding triples, using high-decibel horn and performing stunts on vehicles.

Further, many traffic restrictions have been imposed too. Vehicles are restricted on the stretch between Park Hotel and Coastal Battery between 10 PM on December 31 and 4 AM on January 1. The Assilmetta flyover is another are that attracts people, similar restrictions of drunk driving or erratic driving are put on the flyover too. There are restrictions in place for entering the beaches too.

Few other restrictions have been imposed on the bursting of firecrackers, usage of firearms, exhibition of vulgar posters and hoardings. The hotels and event management companies have been asked to take prior permission for organising parties and on the usage of loud speakers. Apart from imposing fines, the vehicles parked in the ‘No Parking’ zones will be towed away without fail.

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