Devdasi system prevalence found in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, state governments alerted

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Devdasi, a figment of the past, spoken about in history, Indian theological and Temple history realms are very much prevalent today. National Human Rights Commission has given a sharp notice to the State Governments of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu for putting an end to it. It catches us as a surprise as to it’s existence till date but prevalence in certain pockets of the two state has been found.

In Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu and Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh adolescent girls have been pledged to the Goddess Mathamma. Media reports of offering of these girls in these districts have come to light. A ritualistic dressing up of these girls as brides is done for the ceremony. Post this, their dresses are removed by boys leaving them in a pitiable state of nudity. Their lives are controlled and there is no free will. They become virtual prisoners and are not allowed to meet their families or have an education. Sexual exploitation is rampant and a horror in it’s continuation in modern times.

Women are still enslaved in the Devdasi pratha which is abandoned at most places and social activists groups have unearthed these places where it continues. In many cases parents who have begged wishes from Gods and Goddesses have offered up young girls to become Devdasi if their wishes are fulfilled. A time period of four weeks have been given to the state governments to submit reports.

Source – Indiatimes

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