Cops on search for the missing two-year-old girl in Vizag

Three missing girls from Vizag traced in Bengaluru
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The case of a missing two-year-old girl in Vizag has been creating a stir for the past few days. The toddler’s mother, K Kusumalatha, claimed that her daughter had died from starvation. Post which, she had buried the little girl at Duvvapalem Hill in Pendurthi. However, the cops couldn’t find the body even after conducting a search operation at the location.

According to sources, Kusumalatha, and her husband K Apparao, are residents of Pulaganipalem in Pendurthi Mandal. The couple had a strained relationship and used to fight quite often. On 6 February, Kusumalatha had a heated argument with her husband and left the house along with the baby. Noticing that his wife and daughter had gone missing, Apparao approached the Pendurthi police and registered a complaint.

On 10 February, a shepherd found Kusumalatha lying unconscious on a hill near Duvvapalem and promptly informed the police. When the woman’s family inquired regarding the incident, the mother of the missing girl replied that she had lost her way and wandered on the hills at Duvvapalem. After a day, the two-year-old died due to starvation and she buried the body on the hill. However, the police suspect that the lady had planned this beforehand. Reportedly, she searched online to find out regarding the number of days a woman could survive without food and water, before leaving the house.

The Vizag Police have been on the lookout to find the victim’s body, since then. On Monday, a police team searched the spot, mentioned by Kusumalatha. But, there was no trace of the body. Their attempts proved futile, on Tuesday too, even after deploying a dog squad and additional manpower. 

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