Coastal Andhra Pradesh to have light to moderate rains

moderate rains coastal andhra

The upper air cyclonic circulations, resulting in the formation of Cumulo-nimbus clouds that usually bring rains in the summer. Spells of rain occurred at isolated places over Coastal Andhra Pradesh and Rayalaseema on Thursday pertaining to the weather conditions, dropping the day temperatures. Partly cloudy weather was persistent in various parts of the state all through the day with moderate winds. “With a thunderstorm activity and moisture supporting conditions, it is a usual phenomenon in summer,” said an official of Cyclone Warning Centre (CWC), Vizag to the New Indian Express.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) officials added to the New Indian Express, “The trough in lower level easterlies from Maldives area to Coastal Karnataka now seen as wind discontinuity from Lakshadweep area to West Vidarbha across Interior Karnataka and Marathawada at 1.5 km above mean sea level.” A trough runs from Sub-Himalayan West Bengal to south Odisha across Gangetic West Bengal and extends up to 0.9 km above mean sea level recording the highest rainfall of 11 cm in Gonegandla of Kurnool district, followed by 6 cm in Nandavaram of Kurnool district and 5 cm in Atmakur of Anantapur district.

“These weather conditions would continue to give light to moderate rain or thundershowers at isolated places over Coastal Andhra Pradesh in the next 24 hours,” said a CWC staffer.

Although, there is no major change in maximum temperature over coastal Andhra Pradesh and Rayalaseema during the last 24 hours. Above normal temperatures were recorded at one or two places over Coastal Andhra Pradesh and appreciably below normal at one or two places over Rayalaseema. The highest temperature of 37 degrees Celsius was recorded in Jangamaheswarapuram, Anantapur, Kurnool and Nandyal and lowest minimum temperature of 19 degrees Celsius was recorded at Arogyavaram, while rest of the places recorded temperatures between 32 and 34 degrees Celsius on Friday according to the sources.


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